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Since high-speed Internet has taken hold in most homes, many users have adopted streaming for entertainment or information. Streaming, you use it on a daily basis, intentionally or without knowing it.

To watch videos on Youtube, series on Netflix and fmovies or listen to music on Spotify. But also to watch movies for free, at least when you find a suitable site. Because finding a decent streaming platform may take longer than watching the movie you choose, in this article here is a selection of the best free streaming sites around. But before that, a few words about this popular practice.

What is a streaming site?

In English, “streaming” means “stream” or “current”. Streaming allows streaming and viewing of audio and video content over the Internet, both live and replay. This technology allows content to be consumed without physically owning it (a DVD) or digitally (a file downloaded to your computer).

By its ease and speed of use, the practice of streaming quickly imposed itself in the world, putting an end to the era of the DVD. At the same time, many free platforms have appeared, offering a vast catalog of films and series, from the great classics to the blockbusters of the moment. Today, any work is just a click away provided you find the right site.

Because the offer has become so abundant that it can take hours to wander the Internet, without being able to find the coveted film. Between sites that change address without redirection, dead links, mandatory registrations, videos that are blocked for several minutes during playback, advertisements that cause confusion and streams that do not correspond to the announced film, find a good streaming site can be time consuming. This is why we have unearthed the best free streaming sites of the moment, to watch movies online in fmovies in high definition, without interruption.

The best streaming sites of the moment:

All the sites offered have been recently tested by us and do not require registration from users. You stream at will, in complete freedom.

Watch movies

Voirfilms is one of the best streaming sites to watch movies for free. The platform offers a wide range of films that rub shoulders with all genres. From Hollywood productions to the greatest classics via the little-known author’s site, this site offers access to a large catalog of films and series of all kinds. Like its name, the Voirfilms interface goes to the essentials: you select and then easily launch your video, and above all, you are not interrupted by advertisements during playback. For users in constant search of new films to watch, a section reserved for new releases allows recent content to be identified at a glance. A category allows to sort the videos by resolution (HDRIP, HD720, WEBRIP…). Useful if you want to save your bandwidth, or if, on the contrary, you don’t skimp on the quality of your stream.


Like its competitors, Wiflix shines with its varied library, regularly enriched with the latest innovations. Users can watch the videos unlimited and without having to register. The contents are classified by genre and release date. Whether you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones, Dr House, or Rick and Morty fan, you are free to sing as many episodes as you want, without interruptions.

Stream at lightning speed

Streaming is bandwidth-hungry, especially if you’re watching high definition videos. Whether you go through a legal website or not, your speed should be strong enough for you to be able to watch movies without interruption. A fast VPN allows you to bypass the throttling practiced by your ISP and gives you an unlimited data quota. It unleashes your browsing speed and reduces latency to a minimum.