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Shoplifting is one of the most commonly reported theft offenses. However, it is treated seriously by courts, and you might find yourself in deep trouble if you are ever accused of shoplifting.

So, here are some reasons to hire a lawyer if you’re even wrongfully accused of shoplifting.

It Can Affect Your Career

If you get a sentence for shoplifting, it will be permanently added to your criminal record as a crime of dishonesty.

With charges like this included in your criminal record, anyone who does a background check on you can find these out. This could mean serious trouble for your future jobs and even house rentals. This can have a really bad and damaging effect on your social and professional life.

So, it is only natural to find one of the top attorneys that defend against theft crimes and have them defend you in a theft crime case. Because if you don’t, you might suffer from its impact throughout your life.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer If You're Accused of Shoplifting

You Can Get a Sentence

If you’re charged with shoplifting, you can be sentenced to prison time depending on the value of the stolen item(s). If it’s your first time, the charge will be considered a misdemeanor, and you will get around one year of prison time in county jail. However, if it’s your second time being accused of theft, the change will be considered a felony, and you might get up to 3 years in prison in county jail.

This increases the value of hiring a lawyer for changes like these. A lawyer can help avoid the sentence and reduce the fine imposed on you in theft crimes. If you’ve been wrongfully accused, a lawyer can ask the court to dismiss the charges straight away.